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A mango seed

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i´ve never seen one this beautiful!

I was amazed when I took this one out: it was just so smooth. Most of mine have had very “Georgia O’Keefe” qualities up until now.

Nothing wrong with a very vaginal seed, but there is something to be said for the GIANT SHINY BEAN aesthetic. It’s the fairytale bean of my dreams.

Seeds sprouted from commercial fruit:

Kiwi, Avocado, Clementine, Mandarin Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Mango.

Unfortunately, my three Guava seedlings up and died on me.


Avocado, Mandarin Oranges, and Mango: finally showing me some leaves. I’ve also had Guava and Pomegranate sprout recently.

The mango seed has been sitting in wet vermiculite and perlite for two weeks now: the root has formed to my satisfaction, so now it’s planting time!



I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s super cute that my mango seed has labia majora, right?

Shine on you crazy diamond.

Georgia O Keeffe all up in this

This set is nothing compared to the later photos. Georgia would have killed for seeds this vaginal.

I googled “vaginal mango” and came across an article called “Eat Smart for Neutral Vaginal Scent," in The Ladies’ Monthly

"[Y]our partner is just about to go down there but as soon as they get to your belly button they’re rushing up to your breasts with a look on their face like someone served them a smoothie made of crab-sticks and rotten eggs.”


Internet is fun.

If you thought the mango seed could not get more vaginal, you thought wrong.

Steps to a mango tree:

  1. Eat delicious mango
  2. Clean the pit so it can be handled without slipping
  3. Gently and carefully pry open the pit with a knife
  4. Remove the seed and wash it
  5. Lay the seed on its side in a mix of wet, sterile vermiculite and perlite, or on wet paper towel
  6. Fashion a greenhouse out of something you having kickin’ around the house. Plastic bags are great for this purpose

I’ve tried just putting the whole pit in soil, and also sprouting in a wet paper towel: I lost 4 to mould. Hopefully this attempt is more “fruitful,” if you catch my drift (dad joke?).

I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s super cute that my mango seed has labia majora, right?

Shine on you crazy diamond.

I will conquer you, o mango seed. You shall become my tree.

I have planted 5 mango seeds, and lost all of them to mould. I’m trying again today.

Anyone have any tips?


My handsome #mango plant .

I am trying this for the fifth time this year, and either mice have eaten the sprouts in the mini seed-bank greenhouse, or the pit has filled with mold after sprouting and dies. I get so hopeful every time! What method did you use? Youtube gardeners told me to put in in a wet paper towel for a few days to sprout it, then to stick in in potting soil.

(via urbansoulfarmer)


So the last mango I grew - the seed pod kinda split while still in gestation. Now it looks like two mango stalks are growing from one seed. Wonder if these can be split into two separate trees.

The first mango tree is about 1 year old now, and 1.5feet high. Both are doing pretty well right now, but it’s going to be years we get anything. But at least the leaves are gorgeous!

My mango stones have all started sprouting, but when I put them out in the greenhouse a mouse would eat the sprout and the pit would rot. :( I am trying one last time. Yours look gorgeous! I have read that most mango seeds have many embryos.

Sprouting a mango seed!
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