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The herb spiral has been expanded from last year. It now includes (from the top down):

  • 3 kinds of Thyme
  • Russian Tarragon
  • Rosemary
  • Curry Plant
  • Lavender
  • 2 kinds of Sage
  • Chervil
  • Oregano

The garden at the base of the spiral includes:

And lastly, the little isolated section of the bottom garden contains:

  • Moroccan Mint
  • Spearmint

(Because they tend to take over if not isolated.)

It should be a bountiful harvest of herbs this year! I am also looking forward to seeing the sempervivum I planted in the cracks of the herb spiral fill out. It looks interesting to have little succulents poking through the bricks.

Right outside of the lower garden, I’ve planted Sparaxis and¬†Fritillaria imperialis, and beside the herb spiral I’ve planted another clump of mint.

Sparaxis (Harlequin Flower)

Fritillaria imperialis¬†(Kaiser’s Crown)

Most of it is cut back, or just seeds/bulbs right now, so it won’t be very showy until springtime proper rolls around. I cannot wait!


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