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So, you’ve just eaten a delicious pineapple. Now what?

Peel away the first few sets of leaves, and you should see a few little roots already formed just under the crown. Peel/clip away any dead leaves, and stick that sucker in potting soil: in my experience, there is a 50/50 chance* it will take root and grow you a whole new pineapple plant - et voilá — in 18-24 months (given full sun), you should have a brand new pineapple and two rooted suckers! That’s three new pineapple plants, plus a pineapple!

Aren’t bromeliads fun?

*This one had a bit of crown/core rot already: I took out the infected leaves and cleaned/sprinkled baking soda on the area (a fungicide). Hopefully it recovers! It certainly has more roots than my current pineapple plant did at the time of planting.