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Growing avocado trees from the pits of store-bought fruit

Conventional internet wisdom informed me that the way depicted above (in the first picture) was the best way to grow an avocado: submerge half of the stone in water and hold it in place with toothpicks, replacing the water every few days.

I tried this with a number of pits, and while some cracked open after 2 months, none fully developed a root in 5 months of waiting and constantly monitoring water levels. Everyone kept saying it can take months for a seed to develop, but all of mine ended up succumbing to either low water, fungus, or some other problem.

So, this next time around, I tried something different: I took a clean container from a McDonald’s Sundae, filled it with vermiculite and water so it mimicked a shallow pond, and stuck the sterile pit in there and put the lid on to maintain moisture and heat. No holes from toothpicks for fungus to get in: it can nestle there like it is in a warm pond. The picture of cuttings above shows an approximate idea of what is needed.

Lo and behold, in three days the pit has cracked open. The moral of the story is even if people have tried it 1000 times before and there is all sort of advice out there, you can sometimes find solutions that work better.

Photo 1: The Daily Avocado

Photo 2: International Cannagraphic Forums