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Pretty sure those are Huskies — that’s not a wolf face. non-wolfdogs?

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MTV News Interview with Tabitha Soren, December 5, 1995


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Only a sheet of ice protects you from falling 1000 feet down this Abyss

Photographer Aaron Huey, who is on assignment for National Geographic, recently shared a picture of a frighteningly deep hole on the Lower Ruth Glacier. The only thing stopping people from plummeting down the 1000 feet drop into the ground is a sheet of ice. One crack, though.

Huey wrote:

Staring down what could be a 1,000ft deep worm hole through the blue ice of the Lower #RuthGlacier. I was never afraid of the ones full of water, they’d just be cold, but some had no water and it was easy to imagine a long slide to an icy death. #yikes (on assignment for @natgeo in #DenaliNationalPark)

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From the documentary “Fauna Iberica”

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The dress was made of fresh flowers, and literally fell to pieces along the runway, a symbol of decay : Alexander McQueen s/s 2007.

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Hail Satan!!  OMG I really want chickens now.  


new flowers in the garden! :-)

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last night a guy said to me “you are very, very pretty” and i said “i know” and he said like patronisingly “you KNOW?” and i said “you think you’re the first person to ever compliment me?” and he didn’t know where to go from there

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Size comparison Europe and Canada [OC] [651x660]

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Anyone have any pawpaw seeds for sell???

I have a project going for free paw paw seeds!

Just put your name in the google form.


"Alternative R&B must die" FKA Twigs speaks out on racism in the music industry through genre-specifying:

"When I first released music and no one knew what I looked like, I would read comments like: ‘I’ve never heard anything like this before, it’s not in a genre,’” she continued. “And then my picture came out six months later, now she’s an R&B singer. I share certain sonic threads with classical music; my song “Preface” is like a hymn. So let’s talk about that. If I was white and blonde and said I went to church all the time, you’d be talking about the ‘choral aspect’. But you’re not talking about that because I’m a mixed-race girl from south London."

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Finally had some time to take pics of our plant project.

Succulent + Cacti, lovingly arranged by hand and accented with Italian sea glass + terra cotta from the Amalfi Coast.



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Chile To Start Growing Medical Marijuana

(WeedBlog) The governor of Metropolitan Santiago, Claudio Orrego, announced on Monday the approval by Chilean authorities of the first farm in this capital to grow marijuana for medicinal and research purposes.

The initiative, presented on May 23 before the Agricultural and Livestock Service, or SAG, is being sponsored jointly by the Daya Foundation and the Santiago municipality of La Florida to produce cannabis oil for use in the treatment of cancer patients.

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