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A cute little display in the Botanic Gardens, Dublin 

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One reason why I love David Mitchell (x)

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Saxifraga Arendsii-group ?

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Suspicious Quotation Marks

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John Singer Sargent

"Study of a Fig Tree"

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What are some graceful or delicate names for a wolf? I have a husky who is pure beauty and she is so fragile. I want a graceful name for her because she walks so graceful

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Check out the notes in this messages, I bet some of my creative followers can think of some neat ones! :)


Everybody can go home

We have a winner



Scarification (botany): The process of damaging a tough seed coating to hasten germination. It can be accomplished with thermal stress, extended soaking, abrasion, or blunt force.

Many seeds will remain dormant for dozens of years without some form of scarification, because the seed coating forms a barrier that is impervious to both water and gasses, hermetically sealing the embryo.

I am using a small three-sided file to penetrate the tough seed coats of these Canna seeds from kihaku-gato (after failing with a hammer and a small knife). These seeds are so hard, that in India, they have been used as shot! After many strokes of the sharp edge of the file, the white endosperm peeks through.

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Team work makes tha dream work


This photo of a coyote up in a tree was forwarded to me by Nicole Davros, upland game project leader for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Madelia, Minn. The photo was taken by a landowner near the Sandhill Wildlife Area near Babcock, Wis. Carrie Milestone, a Wisconsin DNR wildlife technician offered this comment in her e-mail with the photo:

“This photo is from a landowner adjacent to Sandhill.  A coyote has learned to climb apple trees and knock frozen apples to the ground.  It is climbing 10-15 feet up.  It then climbs down to eat them.  It did this two days in a row on two different apple trees.  The fence in the back ground is about 5 ft tall.” 


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